UrgentiCare Phone Repair. Repairing iPod, iPad, iPhone And More…

UrgentiCare Phone Repair will be by appointment only starting Monday February 12th.

Please call/text or email me with questions, to get a quote, or to set a time for a repair. Inquires will be responded to as soon as possible.

Jim Moses / Certified Repair Rep.

Jim Moses / Certified Repair Rep.

Repairing iPod, iPad, iPhone and More!
Jim is a trained, qualified UrgentiCare repair representative serving the Southern Wisconsin and the Northern Illinois region. UrgentiCare was established in Janesville Wisconsin by Jim Moses in 2012. As a certified repair representative and owner Jim has a hands on business approach. In 2016 we will celebrate our 1500th repair!

UrgentiCare repairs iPod, iPad, iPhone And More… The “more” is because we repair more than just Apple i devices. We can replace broken screens, charging ports, batteries, cameras and more for 99% of all brands of phones or tablets, and we do it in about an hour! Has your phone or tablet been run over? Has it gone through the lawnmower? Yep, we’ve seen it all and more. We offer a FREE evaluation and FREE estimates. Our goal is to provide a quality repair, in about an hour!

Call / Text us today at 608-289-3954 or email: Jim@UrgentiCareWi.com

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